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High Velocity Air Conditioning Filters

The higher merv figures are, the better is the air conditioning filters’ effectiveness to block some compounds and particles. Air filters also help keep your furnace’s coils and heat exchangers clean, which may prolong furnace life and keep it running efficiently.

High velocity air conditioning with flexible 2" ducts from

Finding the best hvac air filters for home.

High velocity air conditioning filters. Understanding air filters we’ve spent a lot of time on this blog stressing how important it is for you to maintain your hvac system’s air filters (read here , here, and here ). They deliver year round comfort (heating and cooling), use aspiration, a circulation system that mixes the air creating even temperatures in every room and they're ideal for older homes with limited space and unique architectual elements. The unico system high velocity air conditioning and heating (hvac) systems.

Purifies air by capturing a high percentage of household air particles, including those at 0.3 microns. Permatron manufactures air filters for high velocity airflow, heavy dirt loads and rigorous maintenance programs in paper mills or food processing plants. While air conditioning systems are traditionally measured by ratings like the seasonal energy efficiency rating (s.e.e.r.), the problem with this approach is that it does not take into account the actual output of cold and warm air.

They can potentially cause damage to your system. Shop round vent covers, accessories, replacement parts, motors, supply tubing, filters, air handlers, electric furnace, coils, and more. Because of this, the air circulates very quickly through the area it’s treating once it comes through the vents.

Using a very small duct, heating and cooling is brought to a room through a process called aspiration, which gently and uniformly mixes the air. Furnace efficiency is one thing. This number means that it filters out more particles from the air, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Clogged, dirty, or damaged filters will not only drive up your energy bills; This is a great option for older homes with unique layouts, and one that not all hvac contractors are familiar with. Since high velocity heating and cooling systems use just a third of the space required in a conventional system.

4 and 5 filters help maintain airflow in heating and cooling systems, which helps prevent stress on the system and reduces the amount of energy needed to reach desired indoor air temperatures. It was designed to test the efficiency of filters in systems of air conditioning in florida and throughout the entire country. High velocity means the filter can handle high flow rates.

For the first time, the limitation of air conditioning unit design velocities is no longer determined by the filter velocity, paving the way for other component changes that would open up this new frontier. Cube series fan coil space heating & air conditioning : These filters trap 80 to 95 percent of the particles 5 microns and larger—more than enough filtration for most households.

For most homeowners, a more expensive merv 7 or 8 pleated filter provides a good balance between cost and filtration efficiency. Comfort, value, and retention in the architectural integrity of your home or business are our missions. Existing high velocity applications can now experience significantly higher efficiency filtration at much lower pressure drops.

Our air filters are built to last using filter media that is of the highest quality for superior performance and durability. The higher the merv number the more expensive they tend to be. With high velocity air conditioning, small, flexible, metal tubing is fitted through existing walls, ceilings, crawlspaces, and closets with no major renovation required.

Contractor knowledge and experience are critical to the unico system operating at the highest level for years to come. The system uses sound attenuation materials that absorb airborne and regenerated noise and provide a quiet comfort system.

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