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Rolex Air King 5500 Movement

In 2007, rolex released the ref 114200. Before receiving a refresh with the ref 1400, which introduced a sapphire crystal.

“A 1971 Rolex AirKing Reference 5500 with a Stainless

In 1989/2000 the airking received a movement improvement, and later in 2007 became a fully certified cosc chronometer like the majority of the rolex watch line.

Rolex air king 5500 movement. Starting in 1957, they introduced new calibers, including the 1520 and 1530. 34mm, oyster steel water resistance: 5500 was introduced in 1957 and was in production for a whopping 37 years.

The 5500 typically comes with a creamy silver. The details you provide through this website will not be used to send unsolicited email, and will not be sold to a third party. The caliber 1530 features 17, 25, or 26 jewels while the caliber 1520 had either 17 or 26 jewels.

Rolex passion market is a fully independent initiative, without any legal, economic or other ties with the. 5500, 1985 for sale on rolex passion market. 5500 has all of the hallmark traits of a rolex, without possessing a single superfluous feature.

That model remained in production for the next 37 years. Before we get to the explorer ref. 100 meters or 330 feet movement:

Based on the popularity of the ref. The american version of the 1520 movement only had 17 jewels due to import regulations, while in europe, it had 26 jewels. There are two caliber movements found inside the 5500:

The watch runs but has not been serviced for a long time. Import laws that are designed to protect domestic watch companies, the movement inside the air king 5500 varied. 316 grade stainless steel bracelet material:

316 grade stainless steel (oyster) dial colors: I am needing to remove the crown/stem from my 1520 movement in order to replace the dial. I have the skill and tools required to do job however it seems removing the stem on this particular movement is tricky.

Oyster with oysterlock clasp dial: Rolex air king date, ref. Buy from our shop and get quality replica swiss watches and a 2 years warranty.

With its pure, minimalist design and function it is a true cult classic.

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